Heart Rainbow Wall Hanging

To get my house festive for St. Patrick’s day, I made this Heart Rainbow to hang up. While cutting hearts for these Love Messages, I  decided to cut out a few extra and arrange them into a rainbow, with clouds and a pot of gold, of course.  There is a wire that goes though the back of the hearts to hold them all together.

Heart Rainbow Wall Hanging


These two white hearts outlined in blue thread sure do make cute clouds.

Heart CloudsHeart Clouds


The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a black heart shape with gold sequins on top.

Pot of Glod


Ready to make a colorful St. Patrick’s Day Heart Rainbow?

Heart Rainbow



  • Felt in a variety of colors
  • Wire
  • Gold Sequins
  • Hot Glue/Glue Gun
  • Transparent Thread
  • Basic Sewing Supplies (Sewing Machine, Scissors,Pins, and a Seam Ripper)



Cut out 2 of each heart that you will use.  (I cut out a total of 26 hearts below.)  The pot of gold, black heart, is cut a little larger than the other hearts.  (It is actually black fleece because I didn’t have black felt, but using felt will be more sturdy.)  



Pair each heart up and pin it together with it’s match.  Then sew around the edges.  I used blue thread and a decorative stitch around the cloud hearts. 

Pin and Sew


For all of the other hearts, transparent thread can be used so you don’t need to have matching thread for each heart color.  Just sew a straight stitch all of the way around the edge.  Trim excess thread and felt as needed. 

Sew Straight Stitch


After the black heart is sewn together, glue or sew gold sequins around the top.

glue sequins


Determine the layout of your heart rainbow, then arrange it backwards and upside down.  Cut the wire to your desired length.  (I just bent it back and forth until the end broke off.)  I was going to use floral wire, but decided to use this blue craft wire, instead, that is a little more sturdy.

align backwards


Notice where one heart touches the next heart, because that is where you will thread the wire through.  On the back of the hearts, use a seam ripper to cut tiny insertion and outlet holes.  You can mark these points or remeasure frequently.  It’s probably easiest to start with the middle heart, green, and then slide each heart on one at a time.  

seam ripper


At the ends you can insert the wire into one hole and then just bend the excess wire around inside of the heart.



To hang the heart rainbow up, you can add a ribbon to the center or hand sew a scrap piece of felt to the back of the middle heart to create a tab.

sew strip to hang


Flip it back around to see the completed project.

Rainbow and Pot of Gold


Slide the tab onto a hook to hang it up on the wall.  It would also look cute on a front door.

Hanging Rainbow Heart


What shenanigans will you be up to on St. Patrick’s day?

Pot of Glod

Perhaps something related to rainbows or a finding a pot of gold?  I hope so!




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  1. Love this! So fun and colorful, and really well done. Visiting from The Creative Exchange party.

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