Ribbon Sparkler

 Here is something fun to make or shake.


Ribbon SparklerThis is a patriotic ribbon sparkler that could be used to wave during an Independence Day celebration or parade.


Sparkler You could make variations for different occasions, and I’ll share some ideas at the end.


All of the supplies Here is what I used:  ribbons, sequins, a lollipop stick, decorative tape, packing/duct tape, and a flame.


cut ribbon Cut 10 or more pieces of ribbon.  You can vary the length between 3″ to 8″.


fold ribbon Next, singe the edges to prevent fraying.  I found that folding it in half worked the best.  When I left the ribbon flat, I ended up with a round center instead of an angled one.


Singe one edgeSinge edge Singe one edge and flip it over to singe the opposite angled edge.  Another Tip:  if your ribbon is folded and the edges are too close, you’ll end up sealing the edges together, and that might work better for another project.


layer ribbon Add two ribbons and secure with a strong tape.


ribbon on stick Continue layering and taping until it is the way you like.


decorative tapeOptional:  add decorative tape around the stick.


seal with tapeThe decorative tape I used did not want to stay in place, so I put a piece of the clear packing tape on top.  Tip: Place a strip of tape on the stick, and cut lines across the tape.  Then wrap each layer of tape smoothly around the stick.


ribbon wand You can leave it like this as a nice ribbon wand,


ribbon wandor add a little more pizazz and sparkle by


attaching a sequin to the front and back of each ribbon.


Option 1:  Hand sew the sequin= a lot of work, Option 2:  Glue gun= simple and no sew, Option 3:  Machine sew= takes a little time, but works.


Here is how I used the sewing machine to attach the sequins.


clip sequinI used a clip to hold the sequins in place.


Sew sequin Using clear thread, straight stitch and backstitch 3 or 4 times.


Tie or cut Trim the thread. You can tie the ends first, but most of the time I just cut the thread ends.


ribbon sparklerAfter you have enough sequins, shake it and


ribbon sparkler see the sparkle.


sparklers in jar You can put them together in a jar to make a party centerpiece, and favors to go.


More Ribbon Sparkler Ideas:


Wedding:  white ribbons with silver sequins or wedding colors.


New Year:  back and gold ribbons with gold/silver sequins.


Mardi Gras:  Purple, green, and yellow ribbons with pink, green, and gold sequins.


Birthday:  Party colors.


St. Patricks Day: Rainbow or green ribbons with gold sequins.


I’m sure you have some more creative ideas of your own!




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